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Celtic Princess - style a noble garment!    

Celtic Princess is an enchanting dress-up game in which you'll be able to style a young woman in the style of the ancient ethnic group.     

The Celts lived in the Iron Age until the 3rd century A.D. spread over large parts of Europe, and even today you can find remnants of the Celtic languages in Great Britain and Ireland. 

Design a Celtic princess according to your own ideas, shape her appearance and dress her in traditional garments. You can first choose the eye color and shape, as well as the mouth, hair color and hairstyle. Braided pigtails or an updo will look great with the long dresses. Then choose the individual elements of the gown such as the top, bustier, skirt, sleeves, belt and numerous embellishments and combine the top dress with a long cape or short cape. Stick to one color or mix different shades. A cloth bag can contain Celtic coins and other accessories like the golden jewelry or a chalice also indicate the status of the princess in. The Celtic princess is assisted by a dog as a loyal companion.    

Style a new historical garment for your collection now and play Celtic Princess free online on Kibagames!      

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Celtic Princess

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