Car City Adventure

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Car City Adventure - build long roads together!

Car City Adventure is an exciting brain game in which you can puzzle together the way to the destination for a car.

Move the pieces of the puzzle and try to connect the road between the start and the finish completely. Once you've done this, you can send your car off and it will drive itself along the new road to the destination. On this route there are also diamonds that you can collect and use to buy jokers that can help you when you get stuck.

Use three different modes in this sliding puzzle: Liberty Mode, Target Mode and Rotation Mode.

In Liberty Mode you can freely puzzle your way through different levels and try to get the highest score. In Target Mode you are given a target and have to complete the puzzle within a certain number of moves. In Rotation Mode, you can rotate the puzzle pieces and try to solve the puzzle in as few moves as possible. Note: there are pre-set goals here as well, so don't be too hasty.

After you have decided on a mode, you can also determine the size of the game field. Here, the 3x3 field is the smallest and good for getting into the game. If you are looking for a special challenge, you can choose bigger and bigger fields. The biggest one is the 7x7 field. Behind each size, 75 levels await you. So you can puzzle for a long time in Car City Adventure!

Tips and tricks for Car City Adventure

You have four jokers at your disposal, each of which you can use ten times.

  • Use the clown to replace one puzzle piece with another.
  • The magnifying glass helps you to find your next step.
  • The X-Ray joker shows you the best way to build the path.
  • With the last joker with the red cross you can remove a puzzle piece.

The jokers are available for all modes. If you use them in Target Mode, for example, you will not have this joker if you prefer to play Liberty Mode. If you run out of jokers, you have to buy new ones for five diamonds each.

You can get diamonds not only by collecting them in levels, but also as achievement rewards.

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Puzzle fun in hundreds of levels ! Get your car safely to the finish line and play Car City Adventure free online on KibaGames!

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Car City Adventure

  • Online since: 08.|01.|2023
  • Publisher: GamePix (28)
Car City Adventure

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