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Cake Fest

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Cake Fest - Stack the cakes!

Cake Fest is a challenging puzzle game in which you have to sort different colored cakes.

There's chaos in the bakery because all the cakes have been stacked in a mess. Now you have to prove your skills as a pastry chef or baker and sort the cakes for transportation.

To do this, click on the "New" button with the mouse or by touch input to receive a fresh load of colorful cakes. The aim is to move the cakes with the same color and number into a box. Once you have filled a box with ten identical cakes, you can click on the "Pack" button to send the goods to your customers. As a reward, you will receive a few cakes with the next highest number.

How to become a puzzle pro

  • You can only place the cakes in boxes that have a cake of the same color on top or that are empty.
  • Pieces of the same color that are on top of each other can only be moved together.
  • If you manage to achieve higher numbers, you unlock new boxes and have more space to sort the cakes.
  • If you need more cakes to match ten with the same number, simply press the "New" button again. But be careful: if there is no more room for new cakes, the game is over.

Can you manage to sort the pastries cleverly and reach the cakes with the number 10?

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Connect cakes of the same color and play Cake Fest online for free now on KibaGames!

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Cake Fest

Cake Fest
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