Burnout Extreme Drift 3

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Burnout Extreme Drift 3 - put yourself in every corner!

Burnout Extreme Drift 3 is a cool racing game in which you'll be able to compete for victory with the best racers in town.

Face your fast competitors and use WASD or the arrow key to control your car. Use the spacebar to apply the handbrake and slide. Use the shift key to fire up the nitro and go even faster!

Then, in Burnout Extreme Drift 3, first create your first race car in the garage and equip it with a solid basic setup. Different vehicle parts are available to you in different variations. Then drive races in which time also counts, use the circuit or race over the normal race tracks, on which you'll have to drift to get a good position, of course.

How many races can you win? Get excited about this new installment of the popular game series and play Burnout Extreme Drift 3 online for free on Kibagames!

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Burnout Extreme Drift 3

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