Build An Island

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Build An Island - fill up land with lots of ships!

Build An Island is a fun children's game in which you can build and shape islands with different ships.

Put the cargo ships together first in a short puzzle and then refuel them. In a next step, you can sail to the place where you want to fill up an island or plant or colonize an already existing one. Your ships can deliver earth, sand and plants or pump or dredge from other ships. Learn different construction methods and explore the coastal region. After building the island, the ships will be dirty and you will have to clean them. Play with the mouse or by wiping and operate water hose, foam sprayer and brush.

Then choose the next barge in the harbor and go to another island construction site.

Learn how to build new land in the sea in this new game for kids and play Build An Island free online on KibaGames!

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Build An Island

Build An Island

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