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Bridge Legends Online - build bridges and save the princess! 

Bridge Legends Online is a fun skill game in which you'll be able to build a bridge with your hero and save a princess.     

Build a bridge that can withstand all the loads and place the logs, stones and other tools for it in the right place using the mouse or drag and drop. Steel struts will secure existing bridges so that they don't collapse under the weight of your giant. Sometimes balloons can also help you become a real bridge-building legend. Who would have thought? Click Go when you think your bridge is ready.   

The further you get, the more challenging the levels become and the more building materials you have available for your rescue mission. Try the best combinations and find the right solution. Complete the many puzzles and quickly earn prize money that you can spend on new skins for your heroes. That way, he'll still cut a fine figure in front of his beloved in Bridge Legends Online.   

And now get to work on the bridges! Build the best crossings over deep slopes and play Bridge Legends Online free online on Kibagames! 

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Bridge Legends Online

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