Bestie To The Rescue Breakup Plan

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Bestie To The Rescue Breakup Plan - Style up your best friend!

Bestie To The Rescue Breakup Plan is a new makeover game where you can cheer up and restyle a girlfriend after the end of her relationship!

Oh no, love has broken up and our protagonist is devastated! Luckily, she has a best friend who stands by her side and comforts her. First of all, help the teary-eyed and fuzzy-haired friend to find her laughter again. So the face is washed, the tears dried, the smudged mascara removed and generally the face cleaned until it is free of impurities. The hair, too, just needs a good combing and washing to make it shine again. Your red-haired friend will feel better again.

And on it goes! A new hair colour marks the beginning of a new phase in life. And what boosts your self-confidence more than sewing yourself a beautiful gown? Take measurements, choose the basic shape for a dress and tailor it yourself. Follow the instructions on the screen. Now you can help the two young women put together a glamorous new outfit to wear to a ball. The gowns to choose from are real eye-catchers! Style their hair, apply make-up and choose jewellery and a bag. So restyled like a princess and with new confidence, there's only one thing left to do: block your ex's number and maybe look for a new partner while dancing.

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Make your jilted girlfriend shine again and play Bestie To The Rescue Breakup Plan online for free at KibaGames!

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