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Barbara & Kent: Toilet Rush

Approved for Ages 6+
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Barbara & Kent: Toilet Rush - All roads lead to the toilet!

Barbara & Kent: Toilet Rush is a fun drawing game in which you have to help Barbara and Kent find the way to the bathroom as quickly as possible without any accidents.

Surely everyone knows the problem: the bladder is full and you urgently need to go to the toilet. Use the mouse or touch input to draw the two characters in this logic puzzle a line that leads to the toilet door so they can relieve themselves. Barbara of course, like her great role model Barbie, likes the color pink and Kent must be guided to the blue toilet. Be careful that the two characters don't collide with each other on their way, otherwise your pants will be soiled and you'll lose the level. Also, don't bump into obstacles like walls, pies or moving elements like cars or poodles.

The more levels you successfully complete, the more difficult the tasks become and the more people you have to coordinate. Plan exactly where you paint your lines and make sure you time them perfectly to avoid accidents.

Tips & tricks to avoid panicking during Toilet Rush

  • Sometimes it helps to let Barbara or Kent run a few detours or loops first, and not send them on the shortest route to the toilet.
  • Once you've connected your last line to a restroom, the characters start running. Make sure all the elements on the board are timed correctly at this point to avoid collisions.
  • Don't be upset if you don't complete a level on the first try - you can always repeat it and learn from your mistakes.

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Keep your nerve, puzzle your way from level to level, and draw the right paths to the toilet! Play Barbara & Kent: Toilet Rush online for free on KibaGames!

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Barbara & Kent: Toilet Rush

  • Online since: 12.|10.|2023
  • Publisher: Famobi (312)
Barbara & Kent: Toilet Rush
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