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BMX Kid - perform the best stunts on your bike!

BMX Kid is a cool racing game in which you can perform cool stunts on your bike and ride through many levels.

The typical BMX bikes with the 20 inch rims have many fans among kids and teenagers! Make the BMX Kid kick loose by pressing the right arrow key and jump up by pressing the up arrow key. You can ride the bike in either arcade or survival mode - it's best to try both once!

Then collect all the trophies at the checkpoints and of course don't miss the many stars on the track. If you can collect 70% of all stars in a level, you will get an achievement star.

How to play BMX Kid

Perform the best tricks and stunts, jump over the gaps in the track, over sleeping dogs and other obstacles.

  • Also slide over railings and down ramps - numerous challenges require quick reactions and skill on the handlebars.
  • Double-click upwards to jump twice as high! Wheelis, somersault flips and grinds are all possible.
  • And if the BMX Kid should fall on his face, you can start at the last checkpoint and buy new lives if necessary.
  • Also afford more BMX bikes, invest in power ups, improved stunt times and new characters. Many great upgrades will keep you entertained for a long time in this new online game!

Challenge your inner stuntman now and play BMX Kid free online on KibaGames!

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