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BFFs Guide To Breakup - show the ex-boyfriend what he's missing!

BFFs Guide To Breakup is a cool dress-up game that lets you process the breakup of a relationship with a makeover.

The now ex-boyfriend of the protagonist cheated on her and the breakup occurred. After copious tears have flowed, you can comfort your girlfriend and put her back in a respectable state. Dry all the tears, wipe away the smeared make-up and fix the hairstyle. Maybe colorful highlights or balayage will cheer up the betrayed? In any case, the former couple will meet again at a ball to which they are both invited.

For this occasion, it is worth tailoring a gorgeous evening dress yourself and show your ex-boyfriend what he is missing. Choose a dress, make the cut and sew together the beautiful ball gown. Finished with an elegant dark color, the dress will contribute to the breakup makeover. But maybe you'd rather choose another gorgeous gown? Opt for an elegant outfit and also choose other accessories like jewelry, a handbag and even a bouquet of flowers. The ex-boyfriend will beg for a second chance, but your girlfriend will probably block his number, right?

Style a real Revenge dress now and play BFFs Guide To Breakup free online on KibaGames!

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BFFs Guide To Breakup

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