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Steampunk Insta Princesses

Design fantastical retro fashion outfits!

Steampunk Insta Princesses - style four fantastic outfits!   

Steampunk Insta Princesses is a fun dress up game in which you can style four outfits of the retro-futuristic subculture called "Steampunk"

In steampunk, elements from the technological history of the 19th century with its steam engines and mechanical elements are combined with Victorian fashion. Literature and cosplaying depict how people may have imagined the future back then.     

Style four great outfits for the Insta Princesses in this game and use different dresses with corsages and long or short skirts, which you can combine with typical accessories like the top hat or aviator glasses. Dark colors dominate as well as leather straps, lace trims, long coats and high boots of the fashion of that time. Use a matching makeup with traces of soot and oil that the steam engines leave on your face and you've created a real steampunk outfit. Will the Insta princesses get many likes with it?    

Style four imaginative looks and play Steampunk Insta Princesses free online on KibaGames!


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Steampunk Insta Princesses

Steampunk Insta Princesses

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