Robot Awake

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Robot Awake - direct the laser beams to the robot!

Robot Awake is a futuristic puzzle game in which you can direct laser beams in the right direction to wake up various robots.

Play through 100 challenging levels and operate the laser cannon and mirrors with the mouse or by tapping and make them rotate in the appropriate direction. Your goal is to turn on all the robots and take the three golden stars with you. The further you get, the trickier it gets. Many machines have to be started in the right order. If you get stuck, you can get a hint by clicking the green question mark button in the upper right corner. But surely you can manage the beams without losing energy! Play now and have fun!

Can you steer the laser beams in the right direction? Now train your logical thinking again and play Robot Awake free online on KibaGames!

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Robot Awake

Robot Awake

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