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Mega Kawaii Chibi Avatar Maker - create your own cute character!

Mega Kawaii Chibi Avatar Maker is a creative dress up game where you can create a cute chibi version of yourself.

In this new avatar maker you can create yourself or a made up character in a small stylized figure in the cute kawaii aesthetic.

Use many different hairstyles, eyes, noses, mouths, beards and eyebrows for this and of course clothing of your choice. Different styles like sporty, romantic, extravagant or classic are available. You can choose a combination of tops, blouses or shirts with skirts or short or long pants. But also with different dresses your Chibi figure makes something. Accessories such as earrings, necklaces, gloves or hair clips can complement the outfit.  Design your figure with wings for angels or demons as needed.

Add animal companions such as a cat, rabbit or bird to the overall image as needed. Finally, you can choose a background with a gradient or a pattern.

How the menu works

You can find the different menu items on the right side. If you select the category here, another bar will pop up, from which you can choose from different options.

  • On the left side you will find the menu where you can select the colors.
  • Behind the brush is an extensive color palette with 80 colors. Scroll down to select different shades.
  • Here you can also distinguish between color one and color two. With this you can create great color gradients, design for example the hair of the Chibi avatar or set accents on the clothes.
  • Also use the two random options.
  • Use the crossed arrows to instantly create a wildly different figure.
  • Use the rainbow arrows to randomize the color scheme of your figure.

With the magnifying glass you can zoom into the image and with the check mark you can view your artwork and save the image.

Now swing the paintbrush again, rummage through the closet and play Mega Kawaii Chibi Avatar Maker free online on KibaGames!

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