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Empire Universe

Empire Universe 3 - Awesome Browsergames for free!

Empire Universe 3 is an empire building MMORTS set in the vast nothingness of space that you can play on your browser. There are nine species to play. Wannabe Masters of the Universe can choose from vanilla humans and classic grey Magumians to slightly more unusual species such as the stick insect-like Zuups and the tiny tinkering Plentropians. Each race has its own particular strengths and weaknesses which ensure there’s plenty of different strategies and replay value built into the game from the start. Humans are good all-rounders and consequently the easiest race to start with.
The main gameplay constitutes resource gathering and building up your planet to eventually begin conquering planets and whole systems. Intergalactic rulers develop planetary bases, train armies and expand their empires through trade, diplomacy and interstellar war. Building and researching takes place in real time, so one huge consideration for wannabe galactic rulers is simply time management. This is a game that’s ideal for players who want dip in every day or so and gradually build an empire. Overall, it’s a very satisfying experience.
Players can choose between two unique game modes: fighting and building an empire by themselves for themselves, or creating an empire with other players. The game is extremely accessible and yet those looking for a more demanding MMORTS experience will find that, if they try out some of the more unusual races and ramp up the difficulty, the game really presents a challenge. It’s refreshing to see an RTS that really caters to gamers of various abilities.
Research is key to the advancement of your planet-spanning enterprise. Players can create specific resource mining facilities and increase their productive efficiency.Trade post lets players import and export goods from other planets. The upgrades and boosts provide your empire with a technological edge over your enemies that’s necessary for victory.
Your interstellar army awaits. Lead them to victory as you advance your career. The stars are in your hands! Become a wealthy interplanetary trader or build diplomatic alliances in your quest to rule the galaxy. Research new ship technologies and weapons while playing one of two unique game modes: battle alone or in empires with other players. Either choice will offer you endless gaming opportunities
Players can measure their strength and achievements using the game’s comprehensive ranking system. There are several different measures including who is best in the game overall, and who's the wealthiest, and so on. Empire Universe 3 stands out because of its setting, intricate resource management, its in-depth strategy. Take to the stars and build an empire now!
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