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Who does not know them? Numerous dolls populate probably every child's room and not only the big baby dolls in the cradle are very popular with many girls and also many a boy. Barbie is also a star among the dolls and for decades it is hard to imagine a girl's room without her. Initially designed only as a blonde and brunette beauty, today there are Barbies in many variations and ethnicities, with which not only girls can play to their hearts' content. Barbie is not a baby doll, but a grown-up young woman who happily goes through the world and can be your best friend.
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The most famous of all dolls, Barbie, has built up an impressive career as a famous model over time, and that's why you'll also find lots of dress-up games and games that deal with fashion under the heading Barbie games and doll games. Join Ellie, whose great role model is her Barbie, through various situations and help her find the right style for the special days in her life.


Tips and tricks - find outfits for parties, vacations and dream jobs.

From her sixteenth birthday, to her prom, to moving to New York, to her wedding, many important life events call for their own outfit, for which any number of cool Barbie games can be great inspiration. By the way, Ellie is getting married once in the circle of family and friends in the city of her birth and then flies to Las Vegas to celebrate another lavish wedding party in the land of Barbie's birth! Will you accompany her to choose a glamorous dress?


Also, for celebrations like Christmas, Easter and Halloween and, of course, for the summer vacation, you'll have to advise your dear friend on her dresses and swimsuits.


  • Which summer hat goes with the pants?
  • What color should the elegant top be?
  • How to arrive well at the in-laws for Christmas?
  • Which nail polish looks good on the beach?


Our doll games offer every fashion-enthusiast plenty of choice and the opportunity to create terrific new looks and master real makeover games.


But for those laid-back days, you can dress the pretty girl as in and just give her a cool jeans look for a change. You can't always party or wear elegant dresses even in Barbie games and doll games. You also have to find a suitable outfit here for a job interview at a magazine or for her dream job as an astronaut.


Are you ready to open the closet and follow your preference for new fabrics, patterns and colors?

Then play the best dolls games online for free at KibaGames with our Ellie and accompany her as a friend through long game fun, as always completely free and without download!